Halfthoughts Rewind

Halfthoughts is having a rare holiday, involving a tour of Yorkshire, Porto and the Tour De France (an unlikely route in space and time, and yet an actual one!). Whilst I am away, why not rewind and take a look at some of the writing you may have missed over the 6 years(!) that Halfthoughts has occupied a corner of the internet? For example, you might want to look at perennial favourite Working for Area 53, or the Barker-esque comedy skit about malware that is The Hacker Store. Or if you fancy something short and breezy you might try one of these poems: So You Thought You Knew Me, Consoles, and How You Once Told Me What I Needed to Know. And for something longer, there is the comedy audio play of Cosmic Corridors, where Matt and Eric learn from Master Miyoda about portals to parallel universes, or the more serious psychological drama of a short film called Re:Move.

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