How You Once Told Me What I Needed To Know

Grant Wood - Young Corn

I bought you a river but it was dry
I bought you an escort but he was shy
I bought you the truth but you made it a lie
Why don’t you please tell me what I should buy?

I opened a door but you closed it again
I opened my home but then nobody came
I opened my mind but found I was insane
Won’t you please tell me how to win this game?

You told me you’d love me if I was a man
You told me you’d love me like nobody can
But now I feel lonely and don’t understand
Why don’t you just love me for who I am?

I walked down the path that I’d been sent
I walked down the road as far as it went
By then I’d grown tired of this lament
So that’s where I ended…

And now I’m content

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