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Halfthoughts is the creative website of Eric Priezkalns and his alter ego, Ray Blank. Visit the respective pages for pointers to the work that I/he/they have published elsewhere. All content presented here is exclusive to this website, and tends to cover anything, everything and nothing of interest, whilst taking the form of stories, scripts, films, essays, poems or spoken voice. I like to post new content every weekend, so feel free to follow via Twitter if you would like a tweet when new stuff is added.

Not surprisingly, given who writes it, Halfthoughts is the copyright © (2008 to today’s date) of Eric Priezkalns. All of the ideas came out of my own head, so it is no fair copying and making millions by ripping-off my ill-considered and half-complete ideas without my permission, however much I think intellectual property laws are a joke. And that is all I want to write about that.

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  1. Eric:

    Finally, I found somebody as perplexed by the Reneke accounting issues as I am. When I first heard that dialog a year ago, I listened to it over and over, and it still made no sense. You’d think that a group of writers who can describe making meth could have found an accountant to help them with the bookkeeping dialog. Thanks for writing that piece.

    Also, Walt’s homemade battery would never have cranked that RV’s starter motor and, if it could have, it would have melted the small wires he used to connect the cells.


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