All My Dreams

Can a dream point like a finger?

I walked into the sea
My bare feet sinking into sand
And as the waves crashed into me
I imagined you across the world
So that the ocean between us
Was also a connection

I took the lyrics of a singer
Recomposed his best known works
Making them all about you
Replaced his doubts and fears
With my sure optimism
That we would come together

You told me you were sneezing
Trapped indoors upon your birthday
But I could not let you suffer alone
So I sent words in lieu of my presence
And joked that your germs
Would still get around

I spoke to you whilst walking
Across a solitary landscape
You were not there to hear
But I said it did not matter
And shared all my fantasies
With you anyway

Through miles we travelled
Through years that elapsed
Through memories forgotten
Through expectations new
Through everything that happens
All my dreams point to you

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