10 Reasons to Hate Ricky Gervais

There are many reasons to hate Ricky Gervais. These are just ten of them.

1. ‘Little fella’

Ricky Gervais is not witty. If he has any wits, they definitely travel in the slow lane. More likely, his wits are parked straddling the slow lane and the hard shoulder, posing a danger to everybody with somewhere to go. Meanwhile, his body is behind some bushes, taking a piss whilst giggling at the size of his tiny dick.

The proof that Ricky Gervais is not witty is established by his repeated use of the phrase ‘little fella’. If you do not believe me, just google ‘little fella Ricky Gervais’ and you will be astounded by the 24,800 hits this search will generate. He uses the same phrases over and over because he lacks creative imagination and he believes, absent of any context, that the phrases themselves make him sound funny. However, referring to somebody as a ‘little fella’ is not funny. It is boorish.

2. He seeks the company of short men, in order to use the phrase ‘little fella’

I first identified Ricky Gervais’ tendency to repeat the phrase ‘little fella’ when he was the DJ for the morning show on London’s XFM radio channel. Indie music was brilliant in the late 90’s and early 00’s so it was worth putting up with Gervais’ tedious chatter to listen to some good new music during the morning commute. Gervais’ extraordinary overuse of the phrase ‘little fella’, coupled with his unhealthy obsession with telling stories about short people, left me unsurprised that he made Life’s Too Short in 2010. For people unfamiliar with this TV show, it is about making fun of somebody for being short, and stars Warwick Davis, who is very short. The mind boggles at the realization that Gervais spent over a decade developing the theme that short people are funny.

For avoidance of doubt, let me state that I am not short, and I have no personal axe to grind. I just do not find short people to be especially funny. Though it is true that any short person is statistically likely to be funnier than Ricky Gervais. For example, unlike Ricky Gervais, a short person might be good at telling jokes.

3. He ruined music

Gervais often presents himself as somebody who knows something about music. I can see no evidence to support this belief. On the contrary, when he was a radio DJ, there was every reason to believe he knew nothing about music. Other DJs on XFM, even the ones in prime slots, would influence the songs played on their show, and thus show signs of their personal taste. Gervais did not. He just played the standard setlist, and never said anything about the bands being played. He was too busy talking about ‘little fellas’ to mention music. Presumably his attitude to music is the same as his attitude to all things: he finds it interesting when it can be used as a tool to promote himself. It was a blessed relief when Gervais went to the loo, allowing listeners to enjoy two songs without interruption. Whilst his radio show was popular, that was because of the music, and not because of him. This is proven by observing that Christian O’Connell scored higher ratings when he took over as DJ of the XFM morning show.

4. He continues to ruin music

Sarcasm is not the lowest form of wit. Comedy songs are, in fact, the lowest form of wit. They are a refuge for people who need to read from a script, but have little aptitude for comic acting. Gervais tours with a band, performing as David Brent, a character from an overrated show that was only popular because the BBC stopped making funny sitcoms in the 1980’s. Since then, many people without satellite TV were left with only vague ideas of what funny TV looks like, except for when the BBC showed repeats of people discussing fork handles and not liking it up ’em.

Anyone attending Gervais’ gigs should be frowned upon, as they are only encouraging more denigration of music, in all its glorious forms. I sincerely hope that any short people in the audience are singled out for being ‘little fellas’ whilst Gervais condescendingly suggests they be allowed to stand at the front.

5. He is a mong-denier

All past and present schoolkids know that ‘mong’ is short for ‘mongoloid’, a derogatory reference to sufferers of Down’s syndrome. But when Gervais was criticized for using the word ‘mong’ to get cheap laughs, he denied there was any association to Down’s syndrome. As Gervais is a man who generates most of his humour with childish behaviour that belittles people for being stupid, or short, it strains credibility that he thinks there are no negative associations to the word ‘mong’.

6. His teeth are not that bad

Gervais is always prattling about his teeth, as if he possesses the worst teeth in the world. He even made a film where he played a dentist, because he finds his own teeth to be so funny. But the truth is that Ricky Gervais’ teeth are perfectly fine. Gervais’ only real reason for drawing attention to his teeth is because he is obsessively vain, whilst also suffering the kind of self-loathing that encourages some people to play the fool in order to earn some meaningless affection from an audience of strangers. Gervais’ real attitude to his appearance is better demonstrated by his dramatic weight loss in order to secure his career in Hollywood. Once he was fat. There are many comedians who chose to be fat in order to get bigger laughs. Gervais was fat, but then slimmed down. He must have calculated that the size of his talent does not correlate to the size of his waist. This was true in his case, because the number zero does not correlate to anything.

7. People only watched Extras for the guest stars

Everybody remembers the name of David Brent, the character played by Gervais in The Office. Nobody remembers the name of the character played by Gervais in his follow-up BBC sitcom, Extras. That is because the BBC, desperate for improved ratings to justify their licence fee, threw every guest star they could at the show, in the hopes of guaranteeing success. Kate Winslet, Sam Jackson and Patrick Stewart all did brilliantly funny star turns. The trick worked, though literally nobody noticed that Ricky Gervais was entirely unnecessary to the success of the show. If his second TV show had been a flop, Ricky Gervais’ career would be dead by now. So the BBC is to blame for everything that has happened since. Supporters of the BBC argue it is necessary to levy taxes to provide investment into riskier forms of entertainment, like comedy. Ricky Gervais is an excellent counterargument.

8. Karl Pilkington is quite funny

Karl Pilkington has evolved from one of Gervais’ sidekicks to a success in his own right, thanks to his ‘idiot abroad’ persona. But that begs a question. Pilkington was the producer of Gervais’ XFM radio show. Back in those days, he hardly ever spoke on-air. If Pilkington is funny now, is it safe to assume that he was funny then? And if so, why did it take well over 10 years before Pilkington was allowed in front of an audience? One might be tempted to thank Gervais, for helping Pilkington to achieve success. However, I tend to wonder how much better life might have been, if Pilkington had been doing the talking to the public, whilst Gervais sat in the producer’s booth, rambling to himself about ‘little fellas’.

9. The Flanimals are genuinely pointless

Like everybody else that cashes in on fame, Gervais has written books for children. His are about flanimals, which are ugly useless creatures. Gervais probably got the idea by looking in the mirror. It is a sad indictment of the publishing industry that Gervais accomplished bugger all by the age of 40, but was gifted a book deal immediately after his success with The Office. If he had an inclination to write stories for children, why wait until after he was a sitcom star?

10. I visited his website, and now I regret it

Though I try to avoid Gervais, petitions to save elephants, promoted via Facebook, inadvertently drew my attention to his continued existence. When it comes to dumb animals, I know which ones deserve to be saved, and which should be put down. As a consequence of the petition, I mistakenly decided to visit Gervais’ website, to see how awful it is. It was worse than I feared. Somebody should censor it for the sake of preserving the public’s mental health. No sane person would want to visit the website more than once. Devoid of any comedy, it is an endless series of adverts for Gervais’ shows and merchandise. Even the title of the website is boring and unoriginal: “RickyGervais.com, the website of Ricky Gervais… obviously.” A smarter man would have avoided the allusion to Gervais’ debilitating lack of subtlety. But then, smarter men do not make fun of short people and ‘mongs’.

Now that I have visited the website once, every other website I visit, whether it discusses Ukrainian politics or share prices in the US, now includes a ‘targeted’ advert for Gervais’ upcoming music tour. This has greatly magnified my anger at Ricky Gervais, for repeatedly reminding me how much I dislike him. And yet, I should be grateful. If it was not for those ads, I might not have written this. Gervais truly knows how to work his audience, even if they feel worked over.

The danger with writing a piece like this is that it invites scorn from fans of Ricky Gervais. If I offend anyone, let me sincerely express how happy that makes me feel. Please feel free to punish me, by loathing me as much as I loathe Gervais. With a bit of luck, my meagre talent for making fun of unfortunate halfwits might also be purloined into radio shows, TV series, children’s books and an upcoming Disney movie featuring the Muppets. How can I fail? I already have much funnier teeth.


  1. Hahaha these are the worst excuses I have ever heard. I think you meant to write “10 reasons to love Ricky Gervais”. I think you hate him because you are jealous of him. I would love to hear your reply so go onto my Twitter and ill have a chat with you.

    • Gervais is a dim bulb, all he does is laugh at his own jokes with that annoying hyena laugh. If you think Gervais is funny, check out Mind of Mencia, yet another talentless comedian whose success defies logic. Comedians for the masses.

    • “Hahaha” is not a sentence any more than “Rickey Gervais has talent” is true. Acquire vocabulary, THEN post in public. Until then, fall silent and stay there.

      • Learn what a sentence actually is before telling people to acquire vocabulary. Also, learn how to spell ‘Ricky’ when commenting about Ricky Gervais. It really is the height of poor manners to spell anyone’s name incorrectly, especially when it is so well known and already written down, many times, in the article you’ve read. You could also, while we’re all picking fault with each other for petty things, consider that asking someone to fall silent and stay there makes no sense grammatically. You could ask them to fall silent and stay that way or go somewhere quiet and stay THERE but you cannot physically fall silent and stay there because silent is not a place, but of course you know that because you are extremely clever aren’t you! However, as you seem to deem it acceptable to be a prat, When you’ve done all of that, THEN think about what a rude obnoxious arse you are.

        • Seems like you like the comedian more than most people here and will find whatever means necessary to defend him. You’ve lost your temper to a point where you yourself made a mistake in your sentence – and that is simply embarrassing.

          “However, as you seem to deem it acceptable to be a prat, When you’ve done all of that, THEN think about what a rude obnoxious arse you are.”

          As you’ve made a virtual claim of being much well-written than others, I’ll leave the above with you to figure out your ‘internet rage driven’ mistake.

          One things you can learn from this error is not to lose your patience, hence character, over celebrities who get abused day and night. You already know that they’ve millions of fans as well which makes it all quite alright. That’s one aspect of the life celebrities have; deriving to the conclusion that everyone has “good and bad” aspects. Don’t take it out on someone who has his reasons to not like him. You’ve not been in his shoes, and you never will.

          Happy thoughts!
          Well, in your case… “Logical thoughts!”

  2. I think there are just hundreds of oversights here, yes i am a fan of Gervais, and I am going to defend him.

    1) Subjective. Just because you don’t find him funny doesn’t mean other people don’t.
    2)You might have a good point, but i think a lot of the time when he says ‘Little Fella’ he is just using it as a general description, like you might say ‘Guy’ cause half the time he is talking about people who aren’t short at all.
    3) Not exactly true, he would often mention the music and play his own songs, stuff like The Smiths and that. I will admit that for most people, his radio show was below par.
    4) Yep, agreed.
    5) To a lot of people mong is a synonym for ‘dumb person’ or similar, chances are this is true for Gervais, admitted not a smartest choice of words but nothing particularly harmful, when you consider what he actually means instead of instantly trying to find a reason to be offended.
    6) You might be right, but such a pointless point that I reckon you only included it in order to reach 10 reasons.
    7) Yeah that’s true. His character was terrible, but you may want to consider how good Merchant’s character was.
    8) Actually in the early days, Karl was unwilling to be on air, not wanting to be on the posters and telling his parents that ‘He just pushes the buttons.’ Ricky put Karl on the air quite early on, allowing him to talk and giving him 4 seasons worth of radio time when Karl was the star of the show. Since then almost every project that Karl does involves Ricky in some way, and every project Karl does is thanks to Ricky. Karl Pilkington definately has a lot to thank Ricky Gervais for.
    9) Yeah, but what do you expect, they’re kids books. There something that a fiev year old flicks through to get a laugh.
    10) Maybe his websites annoying, I’ve never been on it, and yeah adverts and that are annoying, but they’re everywhere get over it.

    • The author didn’t say that everyone HAD to or should hate Ricky. Of course this is subjective. It’s a BLOG and the author is stating their personal views.. smh

      I don’t agree with everything that’s been said but I’m astonished I didn’t come across more blogs like this (then again I never bothered looking). You can’t deny (well I suppose you could – it’s a matter of personal taste) – but Gervais comes across as extremely petty and smug – I find it hard to believe that he is any different in real life. I’d hate to have to know him.

      The feeling of wanting to kick his teeth in – while despicable and violent – is metaphorical and based on the fact that he is very much unbearable to watch, listen to or even read about.

  3. You forgot:

    11. He’s a cunt.
    12. He is obviously so smug it makes you want to punch his crappy teeth out.
    13. He’s a cunt.
    14. The combination of fakeness/smugness/the obvious fact that he is a cunt makes you realise that he is a cunt.
    15. Did I mention that he is a cunt?

  4. If you see Ricky Gervais making fun of short people, that is because he is short. What he is doing is called “self-deprecating comedy” which is a type of comedy that many comedic actors engage in and a type of comedy that has a big audience.

    If you see Ricky Gervais advertising his own upcoming events on his website, that is because it is his website and he can do with it what he likes. After all, that is what a website is designed for, to promote your own work, not the work of others.

    Once, my family and I didn’t have cable service for three days and couldn’t watch tv for three days. And that is when we realized how important tv was and what a crucial role tv played in our lives and what actors and comedians and other tv personalities bring into our lives: the gift of laughter and entertainment. A lot of people don’t like to read books and just like to sit back and watch tv after a harrowing day at work. And that is what these celebrities and comdic actors bring into our lives. The gift of laughter and entertainment.

    At least, Ricky Gervais has his comedic talent and acting ability to fall back on and to offer to this world. Better than most modern tv personalities like the Kardashians and other “reality stars” that have nothing to offer and have nothing to contribute to the world of entertainment.

    • It seems unlikely that, before he appeared on TV, Gervais thought making fun of ‘little fellas’ would be interpreted as self-deprecating humour. He was on the radio. The vast majority of his radio audience had no idea if Gervais was tall or short. Nor did they know if Stephen Merchant was tall or short (he proved to be well above average), or if Karl Pilkington was tall or short (a little above average). Even since his rise to Hollywood fame it never occurred to me that Gervais might be considered short, until reading this comment. Checking the stats, Gervais is 2cm below the average for British men. If this is worthy of humour then Gervais really must be extraordinarily obsessed with his appearance.

    • Well said! Straight to the point. Totally agree. Can’t stand the man at all. He looks like he’s smelling shit all the time, and his laugh is soo fake. Ewww..disgusting

  5. Well said

    I really don’t see the big deal about this wanker, everything about him is just mediocre and irritating as f*ck!, cheers for letting me know I’m not alone.

  6. I’m not a fan of his but I liked the Golden Globes, he is pretty good at dry humour. Also his science Vs religion interviews are spot on. He’s an ambassador for animal welfare too. As a previous person stated; when things like Kardashians, paradise hotel, big brother and x factor dominate the TV, people like Ricky don’t seem so bad. I can also tell he’s far above average intelligence in relation to many people in ‘the business’s.

  7. Is Ricky Gervais an atheist ? I’d never know with him constantly trying to ram it down people’s throats every chance he gets. He’s worse than religious people lol

  8. I have hated his false persona from the start he is a needy attention seeking vampire , talks over everybody else and think’s he’s as good as the talent he tries to bask in. Gies me the boak. Wish he was banned from TV, lame and talentless.

  9. Loving Derek loved After Life …srsly if you csn watch RG saying goodbye to Ivor as Derek and still find bad things to say about him maybe him yr very hard to please

  10. I will give a reason for hating Ricky Gervais: he is absolutely discriminating and disrespectful to Christians. I know everyone should believe in whatever they want and have freedom of speech, but calling them idiots (like in his movie that HE wrote “The invention of lying”) is not gonna make you any better. You want people to remember you for giving messages of tolerance, not hatred, which is the entire theme of the movie. That being said, he is an incredible actor.

  11. Six years late but I am so glad I am not the only person who thinks Ricky Gervais is a talentless mediocrity. I completely agree that he is not witty. His comedy is observational not witty, but there is nothing particularly clever about his observations. I also think his performances at the Golden Globes are really lame. All he does it say things which are obvious and predictable. There is no humour in them and no thought. He is ridiculously overrated and so is The Office.

  12. Well #3 isn’t true at all, I have listened to him in the past and I’ve heard him discuss the music about to be played multiple times. But that’s besides the point, because it was intended to be a talk show.

    • I am intrigued to learn how a teenager in Michigan in the early 00’s listened to the morning drive time broadcast of a niche radio station whose signal barely reached beyond the M25. Perhaps you have confused Gervais’ time on live radio with the podcasts he started making afterwards; they are not the same thing.

  13. You forgot the bit where he tries to ingratiate himself with stand-up comedy greats in order to appear as a stand-up. But the worst thing is spending years omitting Steve Merchant whenever the topics of The Office and Extra arise. He talks about them as ‘auteur’ visions, but neither would have occurred were it not for Merchant doing a production course with the BBC. By the by, of the two it was Merchant who had the stand-up experience before The Office.

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