They Killed Us

Lady Jane Grey's Execution - Delaroche

It’s us versus them
And I’m them; I don’t know us
And I’m weak
And I’m bad
And I’m down
And I’m one

I’m speaking
No-one else is listening
The chorus
Comes towards us
Breaking over
My head
Like I’m drowning in bed
That’s why I don’t get up in the morning

They’re all of them, and not of us
You’re all of them, and not of me
I’m the only one hearing my voice that is shouting
But might as well whisper
Might as well sew my lips shut
In this madhouse
Surrounded by the din
All night, and then when I wake
This echo chamber of talking heads and piped music
Spirals on
Spews on
Floods over
And over my head
With the blankets pulled over it

There are words that are wanted
But they’re not what I’m saying
They’re not the sounds that I’m making, my grunting and baying
The words that I’m producing
Mean nothing outside me
Because nobody’s listening
There’s nobody here but me
There’s no us and no them, no somebody else
That’s why there’s no-one to listen
They’re too busy talking, discoursing, to tune into my ravings
That’s why they are them and why there’s no more of us
They killed us
We killed us
There’s no more of us

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