Preston Dirges and the Low Blow

Blue City Sunset

In the previous episode of Preston Dirges’ office saga, we left Valerie and Preston during the final round of a marathon pub session. Preston could not be counted out, having dodged the drink and disparaged his dodgy colleagues. But not everyone is still standing…

Int. Pub – Night

Preston looks back to where Tina and Gordon were. Their seats are empty.

PRESTON: Where’s Tina and Gordon?

VALERIE: Why, are you going to save them, like you saved me? Preston, you’re my superhero. Now that you’re a superhero, does this mean you’re going to be corrupted by your absolute power?

PRESTON: No, I’m the one man who can’t be corrupted, even if I should be.

VALERIE: That’s what I thought. Come on, let’s find those two.

PRESTON: Maybe they want some privacy.

VALERIE: Nonsense. This is boring. You can give us all a lift home. You’re sober, and taxis are expensive.

Ext. Pub Car Park – Night

Gordon is bent over, having vomited. Tina rubs his back.

VALERIE: Tina! Gordon! There you both are!

TINA: Gordon’s been a bit sicky-poo.

GORDON: It must have been something I ate.

TINA: He hasn’t eaten anything.

PRESTON: That explains a lot.

VALERIE: (to Preston) We need to take Gordon home.

PRESTON: I thought you were kidding about giving everyone a lift.

VALERIE: Come on.

PRESTON: But he’s been sick.

VALERIE: He’s finished now.

Gordon vomits again.

VALERIE: He’ll be finished soon.

Int. Pub – Night

The words ‘Round 7′ flash on the screen. Kirsty walks up to Doug, who is about to leave.

KIRSTY: Doug, sorry to talk shop but I’ve been working on something I want to share with you.

DOUG: I’m just going. Can this wait until tomorrow?

KIRSTY: Here’s the headlines – 10% on the bottom line, and all that’s required is to adjust the length of our leads. It’s all on here.

She pulls out Gordon’s memory stick, and hands it to Doug.

DOUG: A 10% increase in profit?

KIRSTY: Higher revenues, at zero cost.

DOUG: And who came up with this?

KIRSTY: I did, with a little help from Gordon in BI – he ran the data queries for me.

DOUG: Gordon, the saffer? Lee doesn’t rate him. Let me take a look through this. Good work, Kirsty.

Doug leaves. Kirsty smiles. A boxing bell rings and the words ‘Technical Knock Out’ flash on the screen.

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