Inside Valerie’s Studio

Blue City Sunset

Continuing the story of Preston Dirges and Valerie Valencourt, we follow Valerie back to her studio apartment after her first day at work…


Valerie enters her studio flat, flicking the light switch. The bulb’s filament burns out. A phone rings by a window. Valerie scuttles in darkness, banging her knee against furniture. Silhouetted by the light from a street lamp, she answers the phone and rubs her knee.

VALERIE: Hello mum.

VALERIE’S MUM: How did you know it was me? It might have been a boyfriend.

VALERIE: Be serious, mum. Only you would call the moment I got home from work. And I haven’t got a boyfriend. (beat) At the moment.

VALERIE’S MUM: Did you only just get home? Are they keeping you late on your first day?

VALERIE: No, my train was delayed.

VALERIE’S MUM: Well? Tell me all about it. How was it?

VALERIE: Strange. I feel like I’ve just had my first day at a new school. (childish voice) Please don’t make me go back tomorrow!

VALERIE’S MUM: Don’t be silly dear. You know you have to go back tomorrow.

VALERIE: I’m only joking, mum. I didn’t have the best of starts, that’s all.

VALERIE’S MUM: So what’s your new boss like?

VALERIE: In a word, indescribable.

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