Halfthoughts on Holiday(ish)

After 172 half-musings in a row, Halfthoughts finally had to go on holiday. That is, if you can call it a holiday. Some tourists choose to ride a dhow, a traditional Arab boat, around Doha’s harbour. But few would chose to do so at 3am whilst holding a microphone boom, recording an Indian family of amateur actors, talking in Hindi, pretending to be fishermen (or are they amateur fishermen pretending to be actors?) But I do have one comfort – if I fall into the water, at least it will be warm.

Halfthoughts will be away for two weeks in total. This weekend I will be sound operator for the lovely Suzi Mirghani’s directorial debut. Next weekend I will be directing the lovely Suzi Mirghani’s acting debut. I also volunteered to act in her movie, but at the audition, Suzi did not like my reprise of Alec Guinness’ performance in A Passage to India. Ms. Mirghani is a talented woman, so I cannot allow even a quarterthought to distract me from giving her my best, such as it is. Please feel free to send in advice about how to hold a boom, but please, no funny jibes about where I can stick it.

In the meantime, I refuse to believe you have read all 172 halfthoughts. Instead of bemoaning the lack of this week’s halfthought, go back and read the ones you missed. I rather like them all (but then, I would). You could read my comic assault on Stephen Hawking’s genius (and the comment from a reader who finds my cosmology to be more confused than space-time in the middle of quasar). Or you could try my thoughtful analysis of what would really happen if zombies rose from the grave. Think less George A. Romero and more Luton on a wet Tuesday. Or read what Bill Clinton thinks about being the only living Democrat President not to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

But perhaps you have read all 172 former posts. In that case, let me know, as you clearly deserve a prize. I will ask the lovely Suzi Mirghani to donate the title creature of her film: a great big hamour fish.

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