Colouring Pleasant Lands

Green was my shortest colouring pencil.

The acorn and the oak.
Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood.
Pasture and hedgerows.
The Hundred Acre Wood.

Card tables and snooker baize.
My lady in greensleeves.
Bowls to the Armada.
Fish and chips and mushy peas.

St. Andrews old course.
Headingley and Twickenham.
British Racing Green.
Anfield and Wimbledon.

The leather of the House of Commons.
How green was my valley.
Ten bottles sitting on the wall.
Holly, ivy, Christmas tree.

The transformation of light into air.
The sea that surrounds this island.
Moors, fens and glen.
Climbers midst the arbor, in the garden.

Green was my shortest pencil,
The colour of a pleasant land.

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