In the Bright Midwinter

A poem inspired by Christina Rossetti’s In the Bleak Midwinter, and by a sunny day in late December.

In the bright midwinter, solitary I roamed,
Earth unfurled before me, skies above me shone,
Heart was pounding, though tired to the bone,
In the bright midwinter, I was not alone.

Treasures I had gathered, wealth beyond compare,
They had lost their value, meaning thin as air,
Set them aside, the prizes turned to dust,
Follow the path to you, every day I must.

Love propels me onward, wherever I go,
Bonds felt though unseen, ties through which I flow,
Soul drawn upward, raising me to heaven,
Reborn in the family of all fellow men.

Unwilling to settle, continue to seek,
That idyllic union of valley and peak,
Terrain tests me, I walk on to my end,
Kinship that was scattered, made whole once again.

What can I give to you, meagre as I am?
If I was a shepherd, I would guide you home,
If a wise man, mine would be good counsel,
I will give what I can: welcome eternal.

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