Downs and Ups

Sugar falls Relief comes
Time strains Skies lighten
Wonder palls Passion drums
Heart drains Eyes brighten
Virtues sleep Heroes wake
Lies slicken Wise listen
Statues weep Rivals brake
Clouds thicken Teeth glisten
Hollow rises Gaggles rest
Space ends Waves applaud
Evil sizes Comrades jest
Truth offends Hopes afford
Laughter clogs Troubles ease
Kings reckon Air sweetens
Recall fogs Memories please
Graves beckon Time seasons
Never enough Bursting with life
To feed the appetite Like a new-born baby
Always too much Seeing the truth
To focus on the right With no if’s or maybe’s
Allure too great Holding the peace
So enthralled by the might And doing so daily
Go on this way Such is our task
And say goodbye to light. We perform most ably.

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