The Consolations of Being 30

This is a poem I wrote recently to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Tracy Buys. Saying that, I think it is true enough for all, whether looking back on bring 30 or still looking forward to it…

It’s time to say goodbye to your twenties.
There’s no need to shed a tear.
Although it was such a happy decade,
A happier one is here.

You’re still young enough to boogie all night,
And enjoy a drink or two.
But you’re old enough to know when to stop,
Though that won’t be stopping you.

There are very many good years ahead.
Just take a look at the stats,
You’ve 64% of life to go,
And possibly more than that.

They sometimes say “life begins at 40”.
By that proverb’s reckoning,
You’ve another ten years to please yourself,
Before life really begins.

Medical texts say women at 30,
Often become randier.
That’s good news for ladies, but for the men,
The plus points are handier.

If you want to exercise discretion;
Deny the passing of time,
Then simply pretend that you’re 25,
Until you reach 39!

Be happy that you’ve reached the big 3-oh,
You won’t fall into ruin.
When you still run amok, once in a while,
You’ll know just what you’re doing…

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