Melancholy Woman by Picasso


The stillness overcomes me. It comes in waves, over weeks. There’s a low that’s ever too low. So low. Solo. So slow. The sun hangs low in the sky, And sets too soon. There’s a… […]

Christmasy console controller


The consoles played their festive tune, Late afternoon in the semi-detacheds. Crash, crack, thud, zap and boom! The dads found they were overmatched. Thus they hurriedly withdrew, And awaited the new Doctor Who. Through town […]

Man and Woman in Cafe, by Picasso

Not so bad

Bad enough that we broke, our Frustrations had multiplied like bacteria. Our dreams weren’t realized, and had grown spiky in parallel, like the deepening lines on our faces, And compromise squeezed us like a vice, […]