Paean to the Pixies

The Pixies have released Indie Cindy, which comes 22 years after Trompe Le Monde, and 26 years after Come On Pilgrim. If that news made some joyous sense to you, then you might also understand the following.

There’s a voice in the chaos
Calling us home
There’s a scream in the heartbreak
Making us whole
They say you toured other galaxies
But you’ll never leave us
And though Kim was lost along the way
You gave birth to Rosa, Allison, and Magdalene

Like Spartacus armed with guitars
You set music free
Together we fled through the desert
For many miles
And found a place to stay
At the ranch called fifty-one
That’s where you work the tractors
With many ears to feed

We say we’re human but you know
How we lie
We ceased to resist your big big love
Your education
Broke our bodies open, collapsed our minds
We levitated
And sailed into the shine of the ever
This was our holiday
And when Heaven finally calls my number
They’ll hear me roar
I am un chien andalusia

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