Seeing the Light with the COO

Blue City Sunset

In the last episode of Preston Dirge’s office odyssey, Kirsty flirted with Gordon, and encouraged him to come out that night, for a colleague’s leaving drinks. Now we return to Valerie, who has struggled to understand what her job is, since joining Leading Edge Cables. Preston, her current supervisor, is unable to help. But when Doug, the Chief Operating Officer, calls Valerie to his office, she nervously hopes to get some answers…

Int. Large Office – Day

Belinda, Doug’s assistant, looks in through his door.

BELINDA: Valerie’s here to see you.

DOUG: Bring her in.

VALERIE: Hello Doug.

BELINDA: Do you want me to sit in?

DOUG: No, Belinda. I’m sure you have better things to do. Hello Valerie, please, sit down.

Belinda leaves. Valerie joins Doug on a sofa to one side of his office. Valerie’s CV sits on his table.

DOUG: I looked at your resume – it’s impressive. You spent a lot of time travelling, doing charitable works?

Montage: Exotic Locations

Jumble of images: Valerie by a swimming pool, being served a drink; Valerie surfboarding; Valerie haggling over clothes from a market stall; Valerie in a white water raft; Valerie taking photographs of wildlife from the back of a Land Rover; Valerie eating noodles at a night market; Valerie with a man by a campfire, then taking him back to her tent.

Int. Large Office – Day

VALERIE: Did I? I mean, yes I did.

DOUG: What’s it like to dig a well in Africa?

VALERIE: It involves a lot of spadework, mostly. Which is very hot and thirsty work, until you’ve finished. Then you can have a drink, of water, from the well. Which helps.

DOUG: And you cared for penguins in Tierra Del Fuego?

Int. Ballroom – Night

A lavish black tie event is held in a ballroom. The camera tracks upwards, from feet to head, as Valerie leans in towards a tall handsome man in a dinner jacket and bow tie. She puts one hand behind his neck, and kisses him.

Int. Large Office – Day

VALERIE: Yes I did. It was a very emotional experience.

DOUG: That’s wonderful. I like to see young people with ‘get up and go’. You certainly went places. Now we’d like to see you going places here, at Leading Edge. Let me assure you won’t be working with Preston for long. What he does – it’s not for you.


DOUG: I bet you like interacting with people, don’t you?

VALERIE: Yes, that would suit me. I was wanting to work in marketing.

DOUG: Yes, yes, that’s right. And let me tell you, if you work with Preston for any time, nobody’s going to want to talk to you. He doesn’t listen! The man’s lost in a self-righteous world of his own fantasies.

Doug laughs, even though he has not said anything funny. Valerie laughs along. Doug stands up, and offers his hand.

DOUG: Good. I’m glad we had that talk.

Valerie stands up and shakes hands with Doug.

VALERIE: Thank you for your time.

DOUG: No problem. You drop by any time.

As Valerie reaches the door, Doug remembers one last thing.

DOUG: You’re coming to tonight’s leaving drinks for Belinda, aren’t you?

VALERIE: I wasn’t invited.

DOUG: Well, I just invited you. Do me one favour, though. Don’t tell Preston.

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