Alone With A Brain

Blue City Sunset

Preston returns from his meeting with Rubnick, having been encouraged to leave his job. New recruit Valerie is waiting for Preston, with no work to do, and totally unaware of Rubnick’s plans for her…

Int. Preston’s Office Floor – Day

Preston returns to see Valerie tapping on the brain’s bowl.

PRESTON: Hey, don’t play with that! It’s very sensitive.

VALERIE: What is it? It looks like…

PRESTON: It’s a good time to go home.

VALERIE: Excuse me?

PRESTON: It looks like a good time to go home. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?

VALERIE: But I haven’t done any work yet.

PRESTON: Don’t let that worry you. Sometimes I go weeks without doing any actual work. Tell you what, as you’re keen, I’ll give you homework to do.

Preston reaches for a fat lever arch file. He looks at the index, and removes a document. He checks the index again, then removes a second document. He checks the index a third time, and removes a single piece of paper from near the bottom of the file. He takes the documents he has removed, straightens them and puts a paper clip on them. Valerie holds out one hand, expecting to be given the documents that Preston removed. He gives her the file instead.

VALERIE: Why didn’t you just give me the whole file?

PRESTON: You shouldn’t overdo it.

VALERIE: Fine. At least I won’t be late home tonight.

Valerie puts on her coat and leaves. Preston switches off the lights, and looks at the brain, which glows in the dark.

PRESTON: So what do I do?

BRAIN: Struggle. It’s in the nature of all living things. We struggle, in order to survive.

PRESTON: Is that all I’m doing, surviving?

BRAIN: Survival is considerably better than the alternative.

PRESTON: I remember wanting something more than to survive. Speaking of which, you’re not looking that healthy.

BRAIN: I’ve not been fed in a long time.

PRESTON: I fed you earlier.

BRAIN: No. I meant food for thought.

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