Back Into Us

As sunlight draws away
And years collide with memory
I remember that look you had in eye
And the colours we painted the world
The capers we would surround

Sharper, cleaner, brighter
Yet our senses were never overwhelmed
Now they’re stretching for a taste
Feeling nothing has been lost
Though this isn’t what we expected

There is a picture of you
Not found on any photographic film
Ingrained within me
It’s not quite now or anytime
It’s both here and around

As the calendars toiled
Our prejudices were dejected
No assurance can assuage the doubt
We’ve not become the people
That we would have once respected

I cannot capture it
What I thought we would be now
Maybe if we scour your recollection
From there we’ll both relive
What it feels like to be found

The temporary prolonged on
And we’ve stopped intending to arrive
Now we just move to stay alive
Our last definition has been detected
That I can’t spell me without you

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