Nothoughts for Now

For a little while,
Halfthoughts is on holiday,
Which means you will find
There is no thought for today.
Though perhaps, you might quip,
None were evident anyway.

Tis rare when I completely forget
To write a new weekly post,
Though to claim ‘never’
Would be an inaccurate boast.
Which leads me to wonder
Who would miss Halfthoughts most.

This week I had some material
Which I could have shared.
It was more Preston Dirges,
Which I have pre-prepared,
But it is most unclear
Exactly who would have cared.

It is a misnomer to say that
People browse the internet.
It would be more telling
To say we graze it instead.
We consume what looks tasty
Until we feel fully fed.

Tis unlikely that many
Have Halfthoughts in mind,
When googling their search terms,
Of most peculiar kind,
But when they follow the link,
This site they somehow will find.

Here there are skits
Of a nature comedic,
And serious essays
About the body politic,
And even some musings
Regarding matters artistic.

Just go have a look,
If you do not believe me.
The content is too varied,
To permit any taxonomy.
Just dive in head-first
And then you will see.

Instead of demanding
I write something new,
Rummaging through the archive
Will just have to do,
Because I fully intend
To take next week off too.

Halfthoughts is on holiday until May 6th

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