The Reign of Forty

Here is a message of sympathy to anyone (who shall, and should, remain nameless) finding they have turned 40 years of age. Imagine it set to the tune of ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash…

Life is a burning flame
And it commands a fiery reign
Thinking I was still young and naughty
I fell into the reign of forty

I fell into the burning reign of forty
It was teens, twenties, thirties… then suddenly old and warty
And it burns, burns, burns, knowing I’m forty
Knowing I’m forty

The taste of life is so sweet
And I’ve still got most of my teeth
I will get drunk at my party
But I won’t drink beer ‘cos it makes me farty

I fell into the draining reign of forty
I used to run, jump, dance… but now I’m not so sporty
And it drains, drains, drains, knowing I’m forty
Knowing I’m forty

My memory is just fine
Though I can’t recall the next rhyme
… Something that made me smile
… It’ll come back to me in a while

I fell into the thoughtful reign of forty
I was so sure of myself… but now I’m no great smartie,
And I think, think, think, about being forty
About being forty

I’ve no regrets about what’s gone
I’ll party like hell ’til I’m forty-one
However bad forty seems to me
I’m very grateful I’m not fifty

I fell into the burning reign of forty
And I found, found, found… it burns so brightly
Let it burn, burn, burn, the reign of forty
The reign of forty
And I’ll burn, burn, burn, through my reign of forty
My reign of forty

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