Down and Fighting

I will fight you
I will fight you
I must fight you

I will fight you
and anybody
who threatens this beautiful world and its people
who dares to put it at risk
who brings hate into it

I will fight you every day
in every way
with every resource I can call upon

I will give everything I have,
And will only hold back what I need to fight again tomorrow
and the day after
and the day after that

I don’t seek your approval
I’m not wanting your applause
I don’t need your permission
to pursue what I know is right

And I know that I’m right
I know I am right
because I know that I know
because I don’t need thanks or friendship or applause
from you
I only need to show you the truth, whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not

I don’t want you to like me
I don’t care if you approve of what I do
I don’t require your recognition or your consent
I have my own appreciation
and the love of those who I respect
who respect themselves
who respect the truth

That’s why I’m right
that’s why I fight
the fight is good and true so long as it’s fought, and that’s why I’ll always fight it

If your goal is to make the world a better place,
you’ll never succeed through schemes that make you the centre of your world
it’s only when you give everything up
give away all delusions
care nothing for possessions
sacrifice the people who care for you
toss aside all other considerations
that you can be true to yourself
and in being true, know you’re not lying any more
that you can know what you do will leave this world a better place
that no victory is phyrric
because no cost is too great
for the pleasure of knowing this world can be better than it is

I’m going to fight
my fight is what makes life worth living
the fight brings us together
makes us whole
makes us one
fixes us like nothing else we can ever hope for

It’s not our compassion, whether abstract or personal, that allows us to care
we care because of our capacity to change
we can change ourselves
we can change others
we can change the world around us
if we have the courage to walk the straight line towards our destination
if we have the faith to overcome every obstacle
to push aside every foe that stands in our way
like I push
and push
and push you

And that’s why I fight you
not because I seek your enmity
but because you have given my yours

It’s always a reflection with people like you
I pursue
you oppose
I seek
you disguise
I live in truth
you proffer lies
It’s always a reflection with people like you
yours is the reversal of my truth

Those who live with me, breath with me, are with me
must seek the truth
the only alternative is the blind enmity that eats itself and must be defeated
by my hand

The fight itself is an education
the fight itself is a purification
for when we fight honestly, not for ourselves but for what we deem right
we can only profit from the blows rained against us
we can only welcome the lessons taught by our opponents
they make us stronger
teach us our weaknesses
destroy our vanities
banish indulgence
correct our errors
help us to see even further than before
for light is most powerful in the dark
so we must walk toward the night
walk through the night
walk only trusting the light that comes from within
the light that points us forward

Life isn’t a competition
my victory is inevitable
you just don’t know it yet
I hope you’re coming my way
but that’s for you to decide
I won’t be changing my course
no matter what the price
no matter what the sacrifice

I will spend my life fighting
not in bitterness but in furious love for this creation
which could have been so much better
if only it had been subject to a wiser design
the kind we know of now

We will be so much better, if enough fight like me

And if ever mankind finds paradise
I would pity them
for that is when they’ll be truly lost
it is the progress that keeps us vital
it is the journey towards good that gives us direction
the movement that makes us truly human

If I make it to old age, I’ll still not wither
not relax in my chair, not watch as the world gently rolls on
I will crawl, for every possible inch
to travel as far as my body and mind can take me
I’ll give whatever strength is left in my bones
I’ll give it all, knowing there’s no reason to save anything for tomorrow
I’ll push onward, never satisfied, always demanding
on my hands and my knees
just like I was as a child

And when I take my last breath
I won’t feel any fear at what I’ll lose
not because I expect a reward in some other life after this
not because I like pain or because I’m some fucked-up martyr
when I reach the end
I will only feel glad
that I lived
the life
I had

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