Sympathy for the Trumpians

Allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man, and that’s enough for anyone
I’m still hanging on, despite it all
Never stole, never cheated
Though that makes them despise me even more
I believe in Jesus Christ’s judgment
But I’ll never submit to theirs
And I’ll be damned before I do

Pleased to tell you
Our country will be proud again
But what’s puzzling you
Is that greatness is my aim

I stuck around Detroit
When all the creditors complained
Paid my debts without relief
Others cannot say the same

I rode a tank
Held a corporal’s rank
When the oil wells burned
And the Middle East sank

Pleased to tell you
Our country will rise again
But what’s troubling you
Is that greatness is my aim

I watched in anger
As elites raped and jeered
Enriching themselves
By mocking what I hold dear

I shouted out
“Who killed Ronald Reagan?”
When after all
It was the Republicans

Pleased to tell you
Our country will be great again
I’ve dug ditches and I’ve been poor
But that has never changed my aim

Just as many cops are criminals
And the broken-hearted are the saints
Our government is upside down
Just call me an American
Tired of his restraints

So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Don’t use your grad school politics
To belittle the lessons I learned from life
Or you’ll turn your soul to waste

Pleased to tell you
My nation will be whole again
But what’s confusing you
Is her greatness is my aim

Tell me friend, what’s my name?
I say you’re the one to blame
Just call me an American
Who is tired of his restraints

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