Sunshine in the Autumn Forest

The leaves turn
Half way through nature’s year
Growth foreshadows decline
The sun bows lower
Dappled by barer branches
But it still shines

It is cool and moist
Standing tall as pillars of life
Grounded on our feet
Binding the foundations
Whilst the slippery mulch surface retains
Replenishing water and earth

The canopy that flourished
Thinned since Summer’s crown
Continues to shelter life
Taming chaotic elements
Reconstructing them into this domain
Readying it for new guardians to occupy

Though strength stretches beyond its prime
The forest welcomes coming shadow
Gifting time to appreciate
What was grown from half a lifetime
The remainder is no eclipse
It is settlement and preparation

At the trail’s half way mark
Glancing back is melancholic as looking forward
The ends never clear until reached
But we are not lost
Each beginning must have its middle
We are right where we are supposed to be

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