Charlie Hebdo Will Live Forever

They were silenced, but now they will never be silenced. They were killed, but now they will live forever. The violent murder of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists, and other innocents who happened to be nearby, has strengthened our resolve. They are the martyrs, and their cause is our cause. We all speak. We all desire the freedom to speak. And any of us, at any time, might say something which could anger or upset another. We can choose our own words but not another person’s response, and if that situation were reversed, then we would grant evil people a power over us that they will not exercise on themselves. Our world is overly protective of people’s feelings. Too many of us are mollycoddled by politicians, businesses and so-called role models, because of their desperate pursuit of popularity. We must honour those willing to risk unpopularity, as only they can restore balance to our society. We need them, and if we wish to think freely, we are them. Just like you, je suis Charlie. And if there is a heaven, I know that God est aussi Charlie.


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