Preston Dirges and the Hero’s Secret

Blue City Sunset

In the previous installment of Preston Dirge’s office saga, he revealed that he is a father – to a drunk and sleeping Valerie. Now we move on to the next day at work, and Tina, who arrives early…

Int. Windowless Basement Office

Tina walks in and takes her coat off. Gordon’s chair is empty. She sits and draws.

Series of Cartoons

Tina draws herself, sitting alone in the office. In the cartoon, the hands of the clock turn.

Reportgirl, a supervillain based on Kirsty, kicks open the door, and tosses in a bomb. Kaboom!

The dust settles. Reportgirl surveys the devastation; electrical sparks fizz and cables trail from the ceiling.

Tina, transformed into the superhero ‘Scourge’, catches Reportgirl by surprise, dropkicking her to the jaw. Sock!

Scourge and Reportgirl fight viciously, but Scourge is gradually wearing out her opponent.

KIRSTY (V.O.): You’ll never defeat me. Minions!

Other workers in the office appear, having been turned into Reportgirl’s cyborg slaves. They converge on Scourge, pull her off Reportgirl, and restrain her arms and legs.

TINA (V.O.): No!

Reportgirl ties Tina up.

KIRSTY (V.O.): Tell me the secret.

TINA (V.O.): I don’t know what you’re talking about.

KIRSTY (V.O.): Tell me. Tell me now.

Reportgirl slaps Scourge across the face.

TINA (V.O.): I can’t tell you what I don’t know.

KIRSTY (V.O.): I know. I’m waiting for someone who does know.

Gordon, as the hero ‘Paradox’, crashes down through the ceiling above, grabs Scourge, and the two of them are reeled up on a rope attached to Paradox’s belt. They are lifted into the sky by a helicopter.

TINA (V.O.): She wanted to know the secret. But what’s the secret?

GORDON (V.O.): I don’t know any secret. I thought the secret was yours.

Int. Windowless Basement Office

Tina is drawing, alone in the office. She stops and looks up as someone casts a shadow on the closed door. They do not enter.

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