Preston Dirges Between Tides

Blue City Sunset

In the last episode, Preston was forced to drive his colleagues home from the pub. But not all of them will reach the end of the road…

Ext. Gordon’s Apartment Block – Night

Preston’s car pulls up. Tina helps Gordon from the car to his apartment. Preston and Valerie stay in the car.

VALERIE: Preston, why don’t you drink?

PRESTON: So I can drive drunk people home at the end of an evening.

VALERIE: No, really, why?

PRESTON: I do drink. I used to drink plenty. Now I avoid drinking when I’m not round people I like…

VALERIE: So you don’t like me?

Preston: …and when I’m driving.

VALERIE: I still want a drink. Do you want a drink?

Tina returns and gets back in the car. It starts to rain.

VALERIE: Tina, do you want to come over to mine and have a drink?

TINA: I’d better go home. Dad will be waiting up for me.

VALERIE: Do you still live with your family?

TINA: With my dad, and with my younger brothers. Three of them. But the eldest is moving out soon.

VALERIE: Come back to mine and we’ll all have a nightcap.

TINA: Thanks Valerie, but I’d better go home.

Ext. Tina’s family house – Night

Preston’s car pulls up. Tina gets out and hurries inside, as the rain is pouring. We follow her inside.

Int. Tina’s family house – Night

TINA’s DAD (O.S.): Tina, is that you?

TINA: Yes dad, who else?

Tina takes her coat off, then goes in to the living room. Tina’s dad and two of her brothers watch television. She sits between her dad and a brother on the sofa. Her dad puts his arm around her, and kisses her on the forehead.

TINA’S DAD: You’re cold.

TINA: It’s cold outside. What are you watching?

TINA’S DAD: Nothing really. I was waiting for you to get back. Did you enjoy yourself?

TINA: It was alright. Plenty of new material for the webcomic.

TINA’S DAD: That’s my girl. Right, I’m going to bed. Don’t stay up late. None of you.

The brother sat to Tina’s side reaches for a comic and starts reading it.

TINA: I’ll be right up…

Tina puts her arm around her brother’s shoulder and reads over his shoulder.

TINA: …after I’ve had my bedtime story.

Ext. Valerie’s apartment block – Night

Preston’s car pulls up. The rain continues to pour.

VALERIE: Come on up. Let’s have a nightcap.

PRESTON: You’re going to invite a strange man into your flat?

VALERIE: You are strange, but harmless. You’re too hung up on your rules to try it on with me.

PRESTON: You’ve got my number, haven’t you?

VALERIE: And you know where I live. Come on. Come in.

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