Locating Disgust

You ask me what I think?
Then I’ll tell you what I think.
It’s them in charge what’s all to blame.
They each one bloody stink.

Have you seen the papers?
And the awful things they say?
They’re spying on’t people’s private lives.
Trust me – I read ’em ev’ry day.

The internet is mostly porn,
And there’s too much crap on TV.
If they’d pay me to, I’d watch it all,
And stop what folks shouldn’t see.

Houses prices went through’t roof
When’t credit was all the rage.
Now greedy banks have tightened screws
And won’t give me a third mortgage.

There’s scroungers living off benefits.
Tax evaders pay nowt, but live flash.
Means I don’t get what I deserve,
So I do all my business in cash.

Fat cats just worry ’bout their pension.
They don’t care about the country.
But what’ll happen when I retire?
That’s why I bought shares in the FTSE.

All’t them in government cheat expenses,
They just want to fill their pockets.
The way they act is a bloody disgrace.
I think somebody should stop it.

Corruption, crime and filth,
It’s half the fault of immigrants.
And’t rest of blame is plain enough:
We’re run by a bunch of bloody cunts.

What have I done ’bout it?
I wish it were my responsibility.
I’m not afraid to speak my mind,
But changing things ain’t up to me.

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