Preston Dirges Doubles His Empire

Blue City Sunset

Int. Open-Plan Office – Day

Preston knocks on the door of David Rubnick’s office, then opens it without waiting to be asked. Rubnick is staring out of the window, drinking his mug of coffee.

RUBNICK: Preston! Why don’t you just barge in?

PRESTON: Good suggestion. But too late – I already have. I brought you something urgent.

He gestures towards Valerie, who follows him in.

RUBNICK: Hello Valerie. It’s good to see you again.

Rubnick walks around to warmly shake Valerie’s hand.

RUBNICK: I was worried that you were delayed – held up in traffic or some such.

VALERIE: No, no, I arrived on time.

RUBNICK: Yes. (pause) Well, you’re here now. And you’ve already met Preston. Preston’s getting ahead of himself, aren’t you?

Preston looks blankly at Rubnick, not comprehending his meaning.

RUBNICK: I’m afraid, Valerie, that our Marketing Manager for the Western Region, Tyler, has had some marital difficulties and won’t be in the office until… well, we don’t know when. There are no other openings in Marketing, so we’re going to place you with a mentor in another department. Preston’s department, in fact.

PRESTON: (shocked) What? I’m the only person in my department.

RUBNICK: Not any more.

VALERIE: (confused) Excuse me?

RUBNICK: Sorry Valerie. I know you had your heart set on marketing.

VALERIE: I did my degree in marketing.

RUBNICK: Exactly. But we all believe our the graduate developees need to be flexible, and should learn how the rest of the business works too. Then you’ll know how to market us through and through. Preston can certainly help you with that.

PRESTON: This is the first I’ve heard about this.

RUBNICK: Didn’t you read the email? I sent it Sunday morning.

PRESTON: That would explain why I didn’t read it.

RUBNICK: Don’t tell me you don’t have a company Blackberry?

PRESTON: Alright, I won’t tell you.

RUBNICK: We shall have to get you one. Just drop the forms by Linda and she’ll order you one. Now I’m sorry, but I’ll have to dash. There’s a board meeting, so I’ll have to let Preston handle your induction. I did set some time aside to handle it myself, but you did arrive late…

Valerie wants to protest, but Rubnick has ushered Valerie and Preston out of the room and walked briskly away. Valerie and Preston are left standing, bemused.

RUBNICK: (shouting back to Preston) And Preston, make sure Valerie gets a Blackberry too.

PRESTON: (to Valerie) Do you want a Blackberry?

VALERIE: Yes, I would.

PRESTON: Trust me, you don’t.

Preston turns back and walks the opposite way from Rubnick, back towards the stairs. Valerie, left with no other choice, hesitates, then follows Preston.

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