Your Year to Go

This is a poem about being thirty-nine years of age.

To attain the age of thirty-nine
Should, all things considered, be very fine,
As was Neil Armstrong, when he walked the moon.
It is the number of novel steps by Buchan,
And could be the age of a vintage wine,
Now ready to drink.

Although the number thirty-nine
Happens to be one which is not prime,
It is three times thirteen, meaning triple the luck.
It is also the sum of five primes,
Which must be some kind of indicative sign,
That you are at your best.

Oddly, at forty, life begins,
Because, forgotten, are our earlier sins.
Minds are still fresh, yet with judicious contents.
We are imaginative but wisened,
Kids within worn-in skins,
Who know how to wear them.

Try to enjoy all of the time
For which you find yourself thirty-nine.
In Japanese slang, thirty-nine means ‘thank you’.
So be grateful as you approach
Your second starting line.
Everything before was just practice.

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